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West Africa Region

Gold Fields holds a 90% attributable portion of the Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves for Tarkwa and Damang, with the remaining 10% held by the Ghanaian Government as a free carried interest.

West Africa Region
  • In support of the US$341m investment in Damang to extend the LoM to 2025, the mine materially outperformed, with good productivities and total material moved exceeding plan, coupled with a better than expected performance at Amoanda
  • Tarkwa is to implement a contractor mining option in 2018 due to unsustainable wage increases, increase in operational costs as the pits get deeper and haulage distances getting longer, as well as the need to replace the ageing fleet
  • Exploration of the Tarkwa concessions, not previously well explored, continued with several hydrothermal targets identified and scheduled for follow-up in 2018, to test full site potential outside of the current palaeoplacer resource footprint

For more information on the operations/projects, view the online 2017 Mineral Reserves and Resources Report.