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Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable gold mining

South Africa Region

South Deep is designed to access and exploit one of the largest gold ore bodies in the world. Its rebasing process has a strong operational process to deliver ramp-up, sustained steady state production and targeted cash-flow.

South Africa Region
The key activities undertaken in 2017 ARE HIGHLIGHTED:
  • Despite the execution of the full mining value chain being suboptimal the focus on the ‘Journey to Operational Excellence” for cultural and operational improvement is gaining traction
  • Progress was made on several technical fronts:
    • Implementation of the mining method received support from the Geotechnical Review Board (GRB)
    • Marginal year-on-year improvements in long-hole stoping and destress mining volumes (both plus 3%)
    • Global stability of destress cut excavations validating the geotechnical design
    • Extraction of secondary stopes in the older current mine
    • Improved backfilling practices
  • A more gradual build up to steady state production of circa 230kt/month and approximately 500koz by 2022 is now expected

For more information on the operations/projects, view the online 2017 Mineral Reserves and Resources Report.