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Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable gold mining

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Our work environment
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Our approach to health and wellness

Each Region in the Gold Fields Group has an integrated Health, Safety and Wellness strategy in place which addresses regional specific risks and issues. An example of the South African Region strategy is outlined below.

Gold Fields South Africa Health and Wellness Strategy


To be the Global Leader in Sustainable Gold Mining


  • Safety
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Delivery

Strategic Intent

Achieve maximum human efficiency:

Optimal life 24/7 making it possible for employees not only to be disease free but attain optimal health

High level care and rehabilitation:

Access to centres of excellence and health technologies to get the best possible care to treat diseases and injuries

Occupational diseases & injuries prevention:

Ensure that employees are placed in risk appropriate jobs and investigations conducted in line with MHSA 11(5)

Healthy community:

To maintain and promote the physical, mental and social well- being of employees and communities

Target: Reduce TB and HIV burden to below the general population and eradicate Silicosis in Novices

Management Plans: Electronic health records integrated into hygiene and safety system Q3 C2014

Plan Content

Managing Risk

  • CT Scan for people with 10 years or more in mining to exclude Silicosis
  • Exclusion of people on initials with healed TB or any chest scarring even if they are fit for work
  • Multi drug testing for initials and random testing for work force to be implemented
  • Silicosis specialists panel for diagnostics and classification

Clinical Excellence

  • Employees with chronic diseases to get counseling every quarter for compliance and support
  • Access to NETCARE specialist and rehabilitation networks
  • Emergency services management with E24 (access to their emergency network)
  • Primary health care provision
  • Collaboration through Chamber of Mines
  • Revision and implementation of GFSA standards on formulary and treatment protocols
  • Case management data mining to foster a proactive approach to health care through trend identification
  • Sharing of expertise and peer review
  • Operationalise the Health Management System
  • EAP programme
  • Collaborate with NGOs and communities
  • Chamber endorsed community projects
  • Roll out Health One system
  • Implementation of a risk based approach
  • Implement legal obligations registers
  • Emergency/crisis management preparedness
  • Occupational diseases, submissions and disease notifications
  • Reduce absenteeism