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Australia Region

Gold Fields’ mining assets in the Australia region include a 100% interest in the St Ives, Agnew and Granny Smith mines in the Yilgarn area of Western Australia and a 50% interest in the Gruyere project with Gold Road.

Australasia Region
The key activities undertaken in 2017 ARE HIGHLIGHTED:

The sale of Darlot to Red 5 was completed in October 2017 and Gold Fields now has a 19.9% shareholding in Red 5 Red 5

  • The US$75m on-lease exploration (brownfields) programme continued to show positive results with the increase in Reserves more than offsetting depletion for the region in 2017
  • Mining at St Ives' Invincible underground commenced in Q4 2017. The Invincible complex continues to grow and is expected to remain a key contributor to production for several years
  • Mine life extension at Agnew is supported by the addition of a major new take-over mining front at Waroonga North
  • A favourable advanced scoping study on the palaeochannel project at St Ives has moved the project into pre-feasibility stage, which is expected to be accelerated in 2018
  • Following a positive feasibility study (FS) on Granny Smith’s Wallaby Zone110/120, development to this ore body extension has been approved with Reserves growing to ~1.3Moz, extending the mine’s life to 2027, with anticipated upside beyond that
  • The Gruyere 50-50 joint venture (JV) with Gold Road Resources is investing a total US$408m in the project which is developing a new long life (13 year) open pit mine, and progress on construction continues on track for first gold in Q1 2019

For more information on the operations/projects, view the online 2017 Mineral Reserves and Resources Report.