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Americas Region

The Cerro Corona mine is located in northern Peru on the eastern slope of the western mountain range of the Andes.

Americas Region
The following key developments for 2017 ARE HIGHLIGHTED:
  • Gold equivalent production at Cerro Corona increased year-on-year by 17% due mainly to higher copper prices, high gold head grades and higher gold recovery
  • Cerro Corona‚Äôs life has been extended by seven years to 2030. This is achieved by a combination of a higher density factor for the tailings plus an increase in the dam wall of the current tailings dam to 3,803m amsl, which adds two years to the existing TSF, and the in-pit tailings solution adds another five years life
  • This extension equates to an increase in Cerro Corona Reserves of 1.4Moz equivalent and converts 80% of the Resource to Reserve
  • The Salares Norte project in Chile has progressed into feasibility status (FS), which will be progressed in 2018

For more information on the operations/projects, view the online 2017 Mineral Reserves and Resources Report.